Denison College of Secondary Education

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New student information

Welcome students and parents to Denison College of Secondary Education. Our campuses provide a broad curriculum with well-established learning support structures to ensure that all students are supported to reach their academic potential. We have a highly skilled and committed teaching staff. Their focus is maximising the learning outcomes for every student.

We have high expectations of all students at Denison College as they strive to achieve their academic best. We work in partnership with all members of the college community to develop a learning culture where all students achieve success. We support teachers professionally in developing a generation of confident, innovative, creative and inspired learners who are responsible and productive global citizens. We expect that students will display the values we promote – honesty, integrity and tolerance.

We encourage you to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities made available at Bathurst High Campus and Kelso High Campus and we look forward to working closely with you and your teachers as you progress and develop at this outstanding College. Our College provides many cultural, social and physical learning opportunities through quality learning and assessment practices in a safe, respectful environment.

Bathurst High Campus Parent Info Booklet       Kelso High Campus Parent Info Booklet