Denison College of Secondary Education

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Denison College is the largest high school in Bathurst. We are able to offer our community a selection of local curriculum options, with the bonus of additional collective College educational opportunities. Denison College offers a broad and varied curriculum to all students at each campus. Our curriculum embraces the abilities, needs and interests of our diverse student body.

A full range of elective subjects is available at each campus. Refer to individual campus websites for further details.

Each Denison College campus offers:

  • Gifted and talented extension classes
  • Specialist facilities
  • Extensive co-curricular activities
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Highly qualified and respected teaching staff

Academically Talented Students:

Both campuses of the College offer academically talented classes for students in years 7 & 8. Students are placed into these classes in Year 7 after parent, primary school and student nomination, often combined with external testing and/or panel assessment. Admission to the talented class in Year 8 is based on student achievement throughout Year 7.

In later years, academically talented students are identified for individual subjects. Students may also wish to apply for membership of the Aurora College Virtual Selective High School. Students wishing to be considered for Aurora College sit the Selective High Schools Entrance Exam in Year 6.

All students are encouraged to take part in Academic Competitions in English, Maths and STEM subjects.

Academic Support:

Both campuses offer specialist classes and learning support for students who require additional support in the classroom. Please contact your local campus Head Teacher Support for more information.

Enrolment Enquiries and Applications:

Directly to the relevant Denison College campus
Bathurst Campus (02) 6331 3755
Kelso Campus (02) 6331 4544