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Senior Curriculum

In Years 11 and 12 students study for the Higher School Certificate (HSC), with a broad variety of Shared Course, ATAR, NON-ATAR, Vocational Education & Training (VET) and EVET study options.

Denison College facilitates intra-campus learning for senior students by providing a bus between campuses to enable senior students to move between campuses for classes.

Study in Year 11 and 12 – Choosing courses for senior studies
An integral part of Denison College is the sharing of senior curriculum (courses) across the campuses:

  • Students can tailor an individual senior curriculum which suits their particular needs
  • Students can access more than 100 HSC courses across campuses
  • College bus provides transport between campuses
  • Students can access externally delivered VET courses

In assisting students to select appropriate course for senior studies, Denison College produces The Senior Studies Guide. The guide contains:

  • Details of Higher School Certificate (HSC) requirements
  • List of courses offered
  • Description of all subjects on offer
  • Career Planning Guide
  • Offers suggestions on subject combinations compatible with broad career areas and pathways

Download the latest Senior Studies Guide for 2019-2020: Senior Studies Guide 2019-20

Each Campus also publishes Year 11 and Year 12 Assessment Booklets which are available for download from the Campus websites, and on this page. Senior students will be issued with a Future Directions Passport, Senior Studies Guide, wall planner and Assessment Booklets at various points throughout their senior years.

Bathurst Campus HSC Assessment Booklet       

Kelso Campus HSC Assessment Booklet

Bathurst High Campus Year 11 Assessment Booklet

Kelso High Campus Year 11 Assessment Booklet

Enrolment Applications:
Denison College offers a full range of study areas in the senior years, matching individual abilities, interests and goals. Denison College has enrolments in Years 11 and 12 at both campuses. A full range of Board Developed Courses (BDCs), VET Frameworks, Board Endorsed Courses (BECs) and Extension courses are offered.

General enquiries:
Natalie Saini - Head Teacher Pathways (02) 6331 3755

Enrolment Enquiries and Applications:
Directly to your local Denison College campus
Bathurst Campus (02) 6331 3755
Kelso Campus (02) 6331 4544
College Administration 0429 110 198