Denison College of Secondary Education

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Student care

Aboriginal Education Officers

Aboriginal Education Officers at each campus work collaboratively with Aboriginal and Indigenous students, parents, guardians and the community on welfare, academic and cultural programs.

The Boys’ Advisor

The Boys’ Advisor at each campus deals specifically with issues relating to male students. Male students can seek the advice or help of the Boys’ Advisor at any time.

The Careers Advisor

The Careers Advisor at each campus assists all students with career advice. They also coordinate work experience programs, university admission applications and TAFE courses for senior students.

The First Aid Officer

The First Aid Officer  at each campus will contact parents/caregivers in an emergency. Please ensure that all contact details are kept up to date with office staff. Students will be sent home if they are sick. If students have an accident at school, office staff will contact parents/ guardians. An ambulance will always be called if there is an emergency.

The Girls’ Advisor

The Girls’ Advisor at each campus deals specifically with issues relating to female students. Female students can seek the advice or help of the Girls’ Advisor at any time.

The Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team (LST) at each campus ensures that students’ needs are being met and they facilitate collaborative planning for student success between teachers, support staff, parents, guardians and students. The LST assists students who need additional support with referrals to outside agencies, counselling and co-ordination of school based personnel and services.


Medication If your child requires medication at school, parents/guardians are requested to bring this to the campus office and leave your child’s medication and instructions for administration of medication with the office. Students who require a Ventolin puffer, or an Epipen should carry their medication with them at all times. All other medications will be administered by office staff as instructed.

Roll Call

Roll Call is held at the start of each day, at each campus. In Roll Call, absence notes are collected and Daily Notices are read.

School Counsellor

School Counsellor Each campus has school counsellors who students, staff and parents can visit for assistance with any problems with their home, school or private lives. Counsellors are available for drop-in or scheduled appointments. Students can seek the advice or assistance of the Counsellor
at any time. Parents, guardians and staff are advised to make an appointment to see the Counsellor.

School Learning Support Officers

School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) Each campus has SLSOs who work with teachers and students individually or in small groups or classes to provide additional learning support.

Year Advisors

Year Advisors Each year group at each campus has a Year Advisor who cares for the academic and social welfare of students in that particular year group. Parents/guardians are encouraged to make an appointment to see the Year Advisor as a first point of contact if they wish to discuss any issues relating to their student/s.