Denison College of Secondary Education

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Both campuses of Denison College are technology rich schools, with designated computing rooms, class sets of mobile laptops for student use in each faculty, smart boards, data projectors and video conferencing equipment. Additionally each campus has fully networked wireless internet access.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device is the policy of allowing students to bring personally owned devices (e.g. laptops or tablets) to school and to use those devices to access school information and appropriate applications for learning. BYOD helps to improve students’ learning experiences in and out of the classroom. BYOD devices function on the College’s secure wireless network, allowing students to enrich their learning experiences with relevant, familiar technology, software and applications of personal choice.

In order to have effective BYOD management within the College, it is necessary that all BYOD devices conform to minimum specifications. This enables all students, regardless of their device, to be able to work collaboratively in a class situation. Please note, students may choose to BYOD to school, however having a personal device at school is not compulsory. If you wish to access a student loan laptop, please speak with our office staff at the relevant campus.

Mobile Devices & Phones

Denison College discourages the inappropriate use of electronic devices, including mobile phones in the classroom, as we find that mobile phone use during class disrupts the learning environment and interferes with the operation of classes and the College.

If a teacher suspects a device or phone contains information which is in breach of the school rules, anti-bullying policy and/or digital material policy, the device should be handed to the teacher on request. If parents or carers need to contact their child urgently during school hours, we request that you call the office at the relevant campus, and we will ensure your message is communicated to your student.