Denison College of Secondary Education

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About our campuses

Denison College encompasses both Bathurst High Campus and Kelso High Campus and is the largest provider of secondary education in Bathurst. Please scroll down for information on enrolment procedures.

Secondary schools in general

NSW public secondary schools provide students from Years 7 to 12 with a quality education in a broad range of subjects. They can be co-educational or single-sex, comprehensive or selective.

High schools are different from primary schools in several ways:

  • classes are organised differently
  • there are a greater number of subjects, both core and elective
  • schools are often larger in size
  • expectations of students are different
  • there is a greater level of personal responsibility expected of students

Subjects offered by our secondary campuses are in line with the requirements set by the NSW Education Standards Authority for the Higher School Certificate. The campuses also offer courses in partnership with TAFE colleges.

Denison College Campuses

Choosing a secondary school for your child is an important decision. Denison College is made up of two campuses - Bathurst High Campus and Kelso High Campus. We recommend that you speak to your primary school principal, as they can provide advice relevant to your child. It is also a good idea to look at the Annual Report of your designated campus. This report will highlight key information on the campus’ values and achievements for the previous year.

A Transition (iLearn or IExplore) program for Year 6 students and Information Evenings are held at each Denison College Campus throughout the year.

Please contact your primary school to determine which group your child falls into.


All students in NSW are entitled to a place at their local high school. Your home address will determine your enrolment area or zone. To determine your enrolment zone, check

Special criteria apply to applications for placement in selective high schools, such as Aurora College (Selective Distance Education High School).

Parents or caregivers of Year 6 students will receive a High School Enrolment Application Form from your child’s primary school. The form will indicate your local campus according to the area or zone you live in. You may also nominate up to three non-local high schools. List these in order of preference along with your reasons for these choices.

The completed form should be returned to your child’s primary school by the due date. Your child’s placement will be confirmed with an Authority to Enrol letter that is sent from the campus.

College Administration is also available to help parents/caregivers investigate their options in choosing a campus. Contact us by calling 0429 110 098.

Enrolment Zones

The Department of Education has implemented a process to ensure all schools in NSW have established enrolment zones that cater for students and families, aligned with the school’s enrolment capacity and the department’s Enrolment Policy 1997. For more information, please contact your local campus for the Enrolment Policy.