Denison College of Secondary Education

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Years 11 and 12

Denison College offers a range of options for senior students in Years 11 and 12 to study for the Higher School Certificate (HSC). These options include Shared Course, ATAR, NON-ATAR, Vocational Education & Training (VET), and EVET. 

Shared senior curriculum

The college has a shared senior curriculum across all its campuses, which means that students can choose from over 100 HSC courses offered across all campuses. The college offers transportation between campuses for senior students. 

The Senior Studies Guide

Our Senior Studies Guide helps students choose the appropriate courses for their senior studies. It includes details of the HSC requirements, a list of courses offered, a description of all subjects on offer, a career planning guide, and suggestions on subject combinations compatible with broad career areas and pathways. 

Assessment booklets and other materials

Senior students can download Year 11 and Year 12 Assessment Booklets from the campus websites. These booklets provide information on assessments and expectations for each subject. Senior students will be issued with a Future Directions Passport, Senior Studies Guide, wall planner, and Assessment Booklets throughout their senior years. These materials will help them prepare for their HSC and future career pathways.