Denison College of Secondary Education

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Welcome to the award-winning Denison College of Secondary Education. Denison College, which began operations in 2007, is a year 7 to 12 College, consisting of both the Bathurst and Kelso High Campuses. We are the largest provider of secondary education in Bathurst, with a total enrolment of over 2,000 students.

Over and above the regular staff at each campus, the College staff includes additional Executive Teachers who have specific responsibilities to support students to get the best possible experience out of their secondary schooling.

Denison College is committed to providing a stimulating curriculum that meets both the present and future needs of students. The co-curricular activities for all students in Years 7 – 12 are wide and varied due to an extensive range of staff, resources and facilities. This blend allows the two campuses to maintain their own unique identities, but with increased opportunities for students through the combined resources of the College.

Denison College has an expansive senior curriculum that is shared across both campuses and TAFE. This year, Denison College is offering over 90 courses for study in the senior years. Shared courses operate on Lines 3, 4 and 7. Through Future Directions activities, senior students are given comprehensive support when selecting their courses and in adjusting their patterns of study.

Other programs supported by Denison College include the band and circus programs and the transition of students from Year 6 into high school. We are also expanding our range of enrichment activities for students in the junior years (Years 7 – 10).

Our campuses are well-resourced and staffed by highly capable, well qualified specialist teachers who care deeply about providing the very best education for all children and young people.

Principal - Craig Peterson

Craig Petersen
Denison College of Secondary Education